Jan 24

Knot Toe Ring

Looking for something really unusual and extraordinary but nice and simple at the same time, then check this knot toe rings out they are amazing. All knot toe rings are made from sterling silver 925 and pleated with gold and rose gold which makes 3 different colors silver, gold and rose. I really like the shape of these rings and the fact that they are adjustable it’s easy to adjust for your unique toe shape which is really nice and useful.

Gold Plated Knot Toe Ring Pic
Gold Plated
Sterling Silver Knot Toe Ring Pic
Sterling Silver
Rose Gold Plated Knot Toe Ring Pic
Rose Gold Plated

Winter is almost gone and it’s time to think of new cool jeweleries for spring and summer time or if you are planning vacation on a beach then it’s also very nice to add some cute little adoration to your look. It’s almost the best ever gift idea for teen girl as well very pleasant and romantic at the same time. I also really love that there are more than one color to choose from, sometimes silver looks not so good with your skin tone and here you can choose yellow gold or rose gold as an alternative which is really really nice. This knot toe rings are also very good quality and made as I already said from sterling silver what makes them hypoallergenic. Fine polished finish makes them shiny and smooth like silk so your toes will be safe and comfy. Rings are absolutely weightless and you sense them while wearing. Hope you like it as much as I like and got really nice idea of toe rings as well.